Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hawaiian Chicken Pizza Scrolls

Recipe Adapted from

2 Cups SR Flour
30g Margarine
3/4 cup Milk
BBQ Sauce (or tomato sauce if you prefer)
Chopped Pineapple pieces
Mozzarella cheese
Leftover BBQ chicken

As you can see, we're big Aldi fans in this house! I love most of Aldi's products, they're just as good as brand named items, sometimes even better! They're cheaper and I can feed my family of 7 (3 adults, 4 children) on around $200 a week - way less if i stick to my menu planning.

Preheat your oven to about 180 (I found 200 was a wee bit too hot)

Flour and Margarine into a bowl and use your fingertips to rub the butter into the flour until you get something that resembles breadcrumbs (this recipe ends up looking just like the flour - no breadcrumbness in sight!) Make a well and pour in milk. Mix with a fork until it forms a ball of dough.

Heavily flour the benchspace (I use a large chopping board on the sink .. so much easier to clean up afterwards!) and turn dough out. Knead for about a minute - don't over do it!

Roll out your dough about 1cm thickness.

Add your toppings. The basic ingredients we used for toppings are just what my children eat, add as much or as little as you'd like - we call this the hawaiian chicken pizza scroll!

Now roll it up! Start from the edge closest to you and fold it over, then keep on folding/rolling until you reach the end!

Trim the ends, then cut the log into about 1inch pieces. Spray a cake tin, and lay them in a circle til the cake tin is full (Please excuse my ollllld silicon cake tin - most of my goodies are packed up, ready to move!)

And pop into the oven for about 20-25 minutes.

So while we wait for it to bake and take some pics I thought I'd list some other great fillings for these versatile lunch box snacks!

  • Cheese and vegemite.
  • Leftover spaghetti bolognaise
  • Left over savory mince and sauce
  • Alfredo or carbonara sauce with BBQ chicken
  • Ham and pineapple
  • Spinach and Feta
  • Apple and Cinnamon
  • Nutella.

Does anyone else have some suggestions on fillings?
Would you like to see more lunch box recipes?

Here's our Finished Hawaiian Chicken Pizza Scrolls!


Plate from Star Struck Dezines

Bathroom and Toilet Ideas

After my post last night (and the two lovely friends commenting - making me excited!) I got googling and finding idea's for the bathroom and toilet areas! I found these idea's, which i think are fabulous!!!

'Potty Shots'
This clever US lady has made these vinyl decals to go in the toilet, for when your little guy is toilet training!

My fave is the monkey!
I'm always struggling to find a nice way to keep our extra toilet paper rolls - I don't like the old stick thing you stack them on, I think this is much nicer.

Zebra toilet accessories anyone?
(I personally am obsessed with zebra print, so am thinking of buying these sets for our toilet!)
Toilet cover set can be found here

Zebra spare roll and tissue set can be found here

Onto the Bathroom!!!

Duckies!! I love this Keep Calm Print from PosterPop
Actually, I'm addicted to all of the Keep Calm posters that are popping up all over the www at the moment! I made a few for myself for my office - I will share another time though.

and really, who wouldn't want a rubber duckie theme for their bathroom? I saw an awesome idea last night to put rubber duckies on the lights above the mirror! Genius! :D

Now these, I love!!! You'd never use them, of course - they'd be for show but anyone could knock a few of these together for their bathroom - I made some burp cloths the same way when I was pregnant with my fourth bub. I used this tutorial from chickpea then, and this tutorial would be easily adapted to suit x

Now this, i will be doing - possibly for the bathroom door, and the toilet door. It's eye catching, easy to do and you can do them in any colour combo to suit!

I hope you liked the idea's I found for the Bathroom and toilet area's of our 'new' home. I'll be showing you how I made them all, once I do them - I might do downloadable tutorials for them!

A new year, a new house, a new blog!

So far, 2011 has been filled with lots of tragedy around Australia - there's been fires, floods, death, loss, sadness, then, I turned the TV off. I couldn't watch any more. The rising water levels, the sad faces on the TV talking about how they'd lost everything, watched others lose everything while they stood by helpless, unable to step in and do whatever they could to help.

We weren't affected by the flooding - not until a week or so later. The water levels never reached a high enough point (and probably never will) to affect the street we live in, but a 100 year old house, with very little tender loving care over the past gosh-knows-how-long, starts to fall apart after time, and the constant rain didn't help and finally, the foundations gave way and sank into the ground.

So, we're on the move. All of us! It hasn't been easy, not many people are willing to rent a house to a family this size, but I think, we might, please please please, have finally found a house to call home! We find out this week! I have everything crossed for a positive outcome!

So, long story short - new year, new house, means organisation, redecorating and blogging! I want to set myself some goals for this year, and i want you to join us for the ride! This blog wont be for anything specific, except that it's about home life. In here you're going to find, tutorials (either found online or written by me) for decorating the house, hair stuff, recipes, photos, organisation pics/links/my ideas, lists. I'm the list queen. I have lists everywhere around my house!

So my list for this year is to

Decorate each room of the house to our tastes.
Meal Plan and eat better/excercise
Take more photo's
Work more efficiently
ORGANISE EVERYTHING - I'll be forcing you on occasion to visit my fave organisation blogs!
Actively blog (I'm terrible at starting a blog and never finishing - this is my third one now LOL)

For now, we have to wait and hope that we get a house soon to call home. I wish we could buy! so for the time being, this blog will be my Inspiration Board. for the next few weeks I'll be posting pictures of ideas of what I'd like to do.

Which room to start first?! I'm tempted to look at idea's for our bedroom, but I think we might start with the most used room of the house, the yuckiest one - the Bathroom/Toilet area.

Ciao for now!