Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bathroom and Toilet Ideas

After my post last night (and the two lovely friends commenting - making me excited!) I got googling and finding idea's for the bathroom and toilet areas! I found these idea's, which i think are fabulous!!!

'Potty Shots'
This clever US lady has made these vinyl decals to go in the toilet, for when your little guy is toilet training!

My fave is the monkey!
I'm always struggling to find a nice way to keep our extra toilet paper rolls - I don't like the old stick thing you stack them on, I think this is much nicer.

Zebra toilet accessories anyone?
(I personally am obsessed with zebra print, so am thinking of buying these sets for our toilet!)
Toilet cover set can be found here

Zebra spare roll and tissue set can be found here

Onto the Bathroom!!!

Duckies!! I love this Keep Calm Print from PosterPop
Actually, I'm addicted to all of the Keep Calm posters that are popping up all over the www at the moment! I made a few for myself for my office - I will share another time though.

and really, who wouldn't want a rubber duckie theme for their bathroom? I saw an awesome idea last night to put rubber duckies on the lights above the mirror! Genius! :D

Now these, I love!!! You'd never use them, of course - they'd be for show but anyone could knock a few of these together for their bathroom - I made some burp cloths the same way when I was pregnant with my fourth bub. I used this tutorial from chickpea then, and this tutorial would be easily adapted to suit x

Now this, i will be doing - possibly for the bathroom door, and the toilet door. It's eye catching, easy to do and you can do them in any colour combo to suit!

I hope you liked the idea's I found for the Bathroom and toilet area's of our 'new' home. I'll be showing you how I made them all, once I do them - I might do downloadable tutorials for them!

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